HIPAA “Desk Audit” for Small and Mid-Sized Providers and Business Associates

HIPAA Desk Audit

HIPAA Analytics Desk Audit is a valuable and cost effective way to receive an assessment of current HIPAA privacy and security compliance efforts for small to mid-sized providers and business associates. The Desk Audit is conducted remotely, applying risk analysis guidance methods of the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Audit Program Protocol and guidance from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in assessing provider or business associate HIPAA privacy and security documentation. The Desk Audit covers the HIPAA Privacy Rule, Security Rule and Breach Notification Rule.

Document Collection and Compliance Clarification

The Desk Audit is accomplished through a comprehensive compliance document review and a clarification worksheet, which allows the audit participant to detail specific information regarding the implementation of its HIPAA privacy, security and breach notification requirements. At the conclusion of the Desk Audit, the provider or business associate will receive a preliminary report outlining findings and recommended remediation efforts to address compliance weaknesses. As a part of the remediation efforts, HIPAA Analytics will offer actionable guidance on improving the compliance program.

Because no on-site review of audit participant facilities is required, the Desk Audit is streamlined by collecting participant documentation and clarification input to cost effectively assess current HIPAA privacy and security compliance levels.

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