HIPAA Analytics offers a unique set of healthcare compliance services, including a variety of HIPAA audits designed to dig deep into the root cause of issues, uncovering business/compliance process patterns, that validate client concerns, assess options and predict compliance performance.

Our HIPAA HealthCheck service is a “client defined” assessment of specific areas of concern within a healthcare organizations compliance program. Every HealthCheck examination provides the client with clear deliverables -

  • Compliance clarity and answers for the client organization
  • Delivers actionable insight to remediate areas of concern
  • Improves the compliance program with recommended best
  • Provides assurances that the compliance program has received a review by an independent, subject matter expert

Teaming with HIPAA Analytics is a business strategy to cost effectively add specialized skills, experience and best practices that benefits the organization with a subject matter expert in HIPAA compliance and knowledge sharing that improves the organizations compliance performance.

HIPAA Analytics Remote Compliance Support provides oversight of the clients HIPAA compliance program, review of compliance documentation, upgrading of client policies and procedures, client data breach and incident response and preparing compliance advisory opinions on the impact HIPAA regulations on client business processes, while the compliance officer manages core compliance duties.

View our services and and ask how we can customize an assessment that fits your compliance goals.