HIPAA HealthCheck

HIPAA Analytics offers Covered Entities and/or Business Associates the flexibility to conduct a specific review of a unique HIPAA compliance situation, for example, as a part of business operations, client relationship, or merging organizations.

Example: A client requested assistance in developing a  due diligence vendor questionnaire to ensure vendors meet required levels of HIPAA privacy and security. The assessment process is generally customized to meet provider requirements that focus on the nature of the vendor services, business process, types of data, and technology that support the provider. Depending on the scope of the assessment, project tasks were considered including;

  • Developing a due diligence vendor HIPAA privacy and security questionnaire.
  • Determining steps o ensure validation of questionnaire responses.
  • Providing ongoing activities related to the development, implementation, maintenance, and adherence to the vendors policies and procedures covering the privacy and security of patient protected health information (PHI) in compliance with federal and state laws.
  • Collaborate with vendor business and technology departments to define and develop compliance policies and procedures in connection with provider/vendor service agreements.
  • Coordinating and communicating due diligence requests with contacts within the vendor business units and other third-party service providers
  • Evaluate and score due diligence materials related to a vendors HIPAA privacy and security compliance program.
  • Work closely with vendors to remediate any gaps or weaknesses related to a vendor’s compliance program.
  • Provide training to vendor business units related to the requirements for complying with the provider contract and business associate agreement.
  • Review, revise and, at times, draft policies, procedures, and guidelines to ensure business processes are in compliance with provider and vendor program.
  • Develop and maintain reports to communicate to provider compliance issues found or non-compliance with the vendor compliance program.
  • Develop and/or enhance tools to assist vendor in complying with provider contract and vendor business associate agreement.

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