Sharing Our Knowledge

“In sharing our knowledge and findings with our clients, we believe that compliance should not mean for “experts only” rather effectively communicating to all members of the organization the value of compliance and its integral part in patient care” I invite you to learn more about us, our services, view case studies and read our "HIPAA Perspectives". Grant Peterson, J.D. HIPAA Analytics Team Lead

HIPAA Risk Analysis (Assessment) and Attestation

HIPAA Analytics compliance services include, HIPAA privacy and security risk analysis and attestation, Meaningful Use security risk analysis and for business associates, a HIPAA risk analysis offering the covered entity assurances that the business associate meets HIPAA requirements. Learn more

HIPAA Desk Audit for Small and Mid-Sized Providers and Business Associates

HIPAA Analytics Desk Audit is a valuable and cost effective way to receive an assessment of current HIPAA privacy and security compliance efforts.Because no on-site review of client facilities is required, the Desk Audit is streamlined by collecting client documentation and clarification input to cost effectively assess current HIPAA privacy and security compliance levels for small to mid-sized providers and business associates. Learn more

HIPAA Vendor Assessments

Vendor relationships have become a critical part of delivering quality healthcare provider services. Just as important, is vendor assurances of safeguarding patient information. While HIPAA does not require a covered entity (provider) to monitor the business associate, sound risk management may require due diligence beyond the simple signing of a business associate agreement with a vendor. Learn more